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The Hudson Valley Farmer’s Market Legend, now available in stores. Watch this site for updates on our exciting new line of homestyle, all-natural Honore’s Cookies.

Ingrid Honore Portrait

About Us

Growing up on the beautiful tropical island of Trinidad, Ingrid Honore learned to cook and bake as a very young girl. The whole family participated in the loving preparation of delicious, island specialties. Her backyard was a natural treasure trove of avocados, bananas, limes, mangos, corn, and cassava. The aroma of fresh baking bread and homemade sweet treats was a constant in the Honore home. Years later, it was this deeply rooted appreciation for fine ingredients, and flavorful balanced recipes, that enabled Ingrid, along with her husband Saul, to create the award- winning line of frozen dinners, entrees and pot pies, Marie Callender’s. Based on a popular family restaurant of the same name, these products became the gold standard in what was a highly competitive field.  After 13 years, in 1994, the hugely successful company was sold to the food giant ConAgra, and Ingrid and Saul moved on to new challenges.  

After over a decade spent creating a large national food company, the immediacy and personal interaction of a farmer’s market appealed to Ingrid.  She formed the company, Honore’s Table, had labels made and worked tirelessly Friday nights to create and prepare Saturday’s offerings. It wasn’t long before her car was met by eager customers who became fans, rushing to be first on line and not miss out on what many had driven miles to enjoy. The competition was fierce. Everything, particularly the cookies, sold out within minutes. After eight years of nurturing her farmer’s market business, Ingrid became increasingly uncomfortable seeing customers disappointed. She formulated a plan. She would make cookies at a small commercial bakery with her farmer’s market recipes and under her supervision.  They would be identical to the ones she baked in her own kitchen. Now everyone could enjoy what had truly become a farmer’s market legend.